Learning Module 2: Climate Perceptions & Perspectives

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Module Overview: In this learning module, you will examine climate change as examined in three scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. You will become familiar the conventions and practices of scholarly research and publication and the nature of this particular discourse community. And you will learn and apply strategies for reading, analyzing, and synthesizing scholarly articles.

Module Time Frame: Weeks 5 – 8

Reading Tasks (Complete by Day Before Week 5 Class Meeting):

Writing Task – Climate Perceptions & Perspectives Analysis & Synthesis (Essay #2): In this essay, you will analyze and synthesize the three scholarly articles linked above, drawing upon the Pew Report in support of your analysis.  Your paper will convey your understanding of the diverse perceptions and perspectives of climate change represented in each article.  Your paper will also examine what you have learned about the conventions and practices of scientific publication and the nature of this particular discourse community.

  • 1000 Word Revised Draft (with integrated sources) (Due Day Before Week 6 Class Meeting)
  • 2000 Word Complete Draft (with integrated sources and works cited) (Due Day Before Week 7 Class Meeting)