Learning Module 2: Scientific Literacy Journeys

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Module Overview: In this learning module, you will examine your own scientific literacy journey in the context of the journeys of others as shared in the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives and in light of studies conducted by the Pew Research Center on the public’s knowledge and attitudes regarding scientific issues.

Module Time Frame: Weeks 7 – 13

Module Reading Tasks: 

A.  Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (Choose at least 5 narratives; use search terms “science” or “scientific”; label in summaries as A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, etc.)

B. Pew Science Knowledge Quiz

C. A Look at What the Public Knows and Does Not Know About Science

D. Religion and Science: Highly Religious Americans are Less Likely Than Others to See Conflict Between Faith and Science

E. Video: Are Science and Religion in Conflict with Each Other?

F. Americans, Politics and Science Issues

G. The Race Gap in Science Knowledge

H. Public Interest in Science and Health Linked to Gender, Age and Personality

I. Pop Quiz: How Science-Literate Are We, Really?

J. Scientific Literacy: It’s Not (Just) About The Facts

K. What Colleges and Universities Need to Do to Advance Civic Scientific Literacy and Preserve American Democracy

Additional Resource:

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Why Science Literacy Matters

Click Here for Transcript

Highlighted Transcript

“Alan Alda on Why Scientific Illiteracy is Endangering the Planet — and How We Can Turn That Around”

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Writing Task – Scientific Literacy Journey (Essay #2): In this essay, you will reflect upon the evolution of your own scientific literacy. Your paper will draw upon the reading tasks from this module and texts from your own personal literacy story that reflect significant stages in your journey. Use the sources provided to define what scientific literacy is (and what it means to you) and why it matters.

Schedule of Due Dates

Week 8: Summaries of Module 2 Reading Tasks (will post on CI Learn; label as noted above)

Week 9: Analysis of Module 2 Reading Tasks (1000 words; will post on CI Docs)

Week 11: Synthesis of Module 2 Readings Tasks (2000 words)

Week 12: 5-6 Page Complete Draft of Essay #2 (with in-text parenthetical citations and works cited)

Week 13: 5-6 Page Polished Draft of Essay #2 (with in-text parenthetical citations and works cited)