ENGL 105.08 (Friday)

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Learning Module 1: Scientific Literacy Narrative

Learning Module 2: Climate Perceptions & Perspectives

Learning Module 3: Interrogating Research

Learning Module 4: Final Portfolio

This is a traditional, stand-alone section of ENGL 105. ENGL 105 is an accelerated course that students take to complete the General Education Requirement for English Writing (A2) in one semester. This particular section of ENGL 105 is composed of both first and second year CI students.

ENGL 105.08  meets on Friday mornings from 9:00am till 11:50pm. Our classroom is Bell Tower 2704. Attendance is mandatory. Students should keep this in mind when choosing to enroll in a Friday class. Failure to attend class regularly will prevent students from completing the class successfully and compel them to retake the class in the spring.

Students should bring laptops to each class meeting. Laptops may be checked out from the circulation desk at Broome Library for up to one week at a time.